We get asked the following questions all the time. Click each one to see the answer, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see descriptions of fees we may be required to charge.
  • "How much do your services cost?"

    In the vast majority of cases, our services cost you absolutely nothing. A consultation is always FREE! For the rare exceptions where we may need to charge a fee for your booking, see below. If your travel falls into one of these exceptions, we will let you know ahead of time.

  • "If your services are free, how do you make money?"

    This is an EXCELLENT question! We do not have to bill you for our time because our suppliers pay us a portion of your travel as commission. Yes, you can book a vacation online more easily today than ever before. However, by using a Travel Professional you tap into their knowledge and expertise, as well as helping them make a living without ANY additional cost to you!

  • "I was told that I will be charged a fee, why?"

    More detailed information about individual fee types can be found on the page below.

    Everyone's time is valuable, even ours. In some cases, suppliers do not pay us commission for booking with them. Airlines are a good example of this. If you are booking with a supplier that does not offer us any compensation for our business, we must charge for our time.

    In this age of easy access and online connectivity we occasionally have new clients who take our free quotes and information and book their travel on their own. In order to prevent this from hurting our business, if a booking will take a great deal of time and planning we may be required to charge a fee upfront. Destination Weddings are a good example of this.

    While quotes are free, that doesn't mean they are quick and easy. In cases where we may be asked to provide multiple quotes for the same travel period that involve major changes to location, travelers, suppliers, etc... we may request a fee be paid for additional quotes.

    We value your continued business, and are always open to suggestions on matters like these to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

  • "What fees do you charge?"

    AIRLINE BOOKING FEE - $35/passenger

    Airlines do not pay Travel Professionals a commission. If you need help booking your air travel only, we would be more than happy to assist. However, if we do not charge a fee we do not get paid. For this reason, any booking that consists of only airline tickets will be assessed a $35 fee per passenger that will be charged in addition to the cost of the airline tickets.


    If you would like us to book you into a hotel room for a period shorter than three nights, we would be glad to help. In these cases, we may ask that you pay a flat fee of $25 for the booking, regardless of the number of travelers.


    In the majority of cases, we offer multiple quotes free of charge. However, in rare instances a client may ask for multiple quotes for the same travel period with major changes to travel destination, number of travelers, etc... Many of our quotes require a great deal of research, especially international travel with custom itineraries. In these cases, requests for such major changes may result in a flat fee assessment of $50.

    PLAN TO GO FEE - $150+

    Specific types of travel planning require a great deal of time in research, planning, correspondence, etc... Destination Wedding planning is an excellent example of this. Cancellation or booking elsewhere can result in a catastrophic loss of our time. To prevent this, we may ask you to pay a Plan to Go Fee. This fee is much larger than others, and will be discussed during consultation. Items such as postage, shipping, event notices and invitations may be included in this fee.

  • "I found a better price online, can you price match?"

    YES! Many of our suppliers will match or beat competitors pricing. If you happen upon a sale or a price that beats the quote we give you, please do not just book on your own. Call us immediately and send us the price to beat, we will reach out to our suppliers and do our best to match or beat the pricing you found. Remember, our suppliers want your business, they will fight for it!

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If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information on this page, please contact us at agents@threespringstravel.com

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